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 True Story.

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True Story. Empty
PostSubject: True Story.   True Story. EmptySun Dec 19, 2010 2:04 am

Known each other since grade school. First met in band. He
played a giant Sax and she played the flute. He was really small, she was
taller than he was. She asked at one point, “Do you want any help carrying
that? I could carry it for you and you could carry my books?” He said, “No
thanks, I’m fine.” In middle school they were separated, never had any of the
same classes together until the school decided that they had too many smart
kids in one class and not enough in another so that’s how they came to have the
same classes from middle school through high school. Originally they hated each
other but grew to love each other, when he was nineteen, he knew that he was
going to marry her. They both picked up and went to Washington state college,
it was the year they chose to spread their wings and fly and try new things.
They came back to their original state, bought a house, bought a dog together,
but he knew he didn’t want to stop their plans for the future. He didn’t want
to marry her until they were both done with school. Just weeks before
graduation, he planned it. He didn’t want to marry her without her parents
blessings so he called her parents and asked and they said “It was about time”.

Later that night while they were watching a Cinderella story and the two were
dancing on the screen, he asked her if she wanted to dance with him. She looked
at him as if he were crazy before asking, “Why would you want to dance in the
middle of a movie?” but he kept coaxing her and coaxing her until she got up to
dance, though reluctantly. He tried to get her to do a spin, but she refused.
He wanted to spin her to go down on his knee because he had the ring in his
sock, but she wouldn’t do it. The dancing ended because of this and he started
to walk away. She turned her back and picked up the dog and he crashed on the
floor down the hall somehow. She put the dog back down and turned around wondering
WTF he was doing when she saw him on one knee, he proposed.

She didn’t believe him. She said something like, “Are you
joking?” Cause she just wasn’t sure if he was serious or not, and she ended up
not believing and saying that she was going to go call her mom to see whether he was joking or not,
agreeing on the pretences that he had
spoken to her parents. After she phoned her mom, she realized it was true. She
just couldn’t believe it was finally happening as he always said, “I’m going to
marry you. I’m going to marry you.”

The theme of the wedding was “Best Friend” because that’s what he was to her.
They ended it by being taken away in a Cinderella carriage down the streets of
the city with their guests sending them off.
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True Story.
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