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 Tyke's Script

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PostSubject: Tyke's Script   Tyke's Script EmptyWed Jun 08, 2011 12:11 pm

Perriot: Enjoying your tour so far? I’m glad to hear it.

???: Papa!!!

Perriot: ….ah shit…

You see an eager child-sized person quickly running towards you and Perriot. Perriot seemed to be turning paler by the moment before turning red.

Perriot: --Are those my clothes?! –growls-

???: Papa!! Papa! Tyke loving Papa!!

Perriot pushed ??? off of him and straightened out his clothing, glaring at the little one a moment longer before he looked back at you.

Perriot: -covering annoyance- Can’t you behave brat?! We have company!

The little one notices you before smiling bigger.

???: Hej!! Mit navn er Tyke! hvem er du?

Player: (1) ...What?
(2) Tak it duh dah dah??

If 1:
Perriot: ...Don’t mind him—why don’t we move on?

???: PAPA, Papa!! Må ikke forlade! Leaving don’t!

Perriot: Well why don’t you use those skills you have and introduce yourself to our lovely guest?

If 2:
Perriot: Don’t bother sinking to his level. He can hardly understand anything. Why don’t we—

???: Ahahahahaha!! Funnying--! Guest funnying!!

Perriot: Goddamn it why are you so stupid...

Both lead to:
Tyke: Tyke naming is Tyke.

Perriot: And with that introduction out of the way... Let’s—What does he do? You want to know what he does? Damn it.


You look at Perriot a bit oddly.

Player: (1) ...What does that mean?
(2) Does he even have a job here..?

If 2: Perriot: Of course he has a job—you don’t think he’d be here if he wasn’t doing something, do you?

Tyke: Papa papa! Happying Papa!

You give perriot an odd look and you see his eyes roll.

Perriot: No. He isn’t actually my kid. (thank god).
What? So what’s he actually do?

Perriot: -sighs- ...his job here is to bring people in. As you can see he isn’t that great at speaking a common language, but it doesn’t really matter for him. He plays a stupid little music box and generates enough attention that he sends them this way or they follow him back.
Yes... in a way... he’s publicity or whatever you want to call it...
That being said, now that you’ve met him, why don’t we continue our tour? He obviously has things he should be doing.

Perriot gives the excited child a look of disdain and order, though it just seems like Tyke is getting ready to pounce once more.

Perriot: Don’t you dare—

Without warning, Tyke jumps on Perriot, wrapping his arms around him and clinging to him for only a quick second before he lets go and quickly runs out of the tent.

Perriot: And you better get out of my clothes! –snaps-

Perriot pauses before he notices you once more, he clears hsi throat and smiles again.

Perriot: Sorry about that little interruption. Kids, right? Now, where would you like to go next?
:'D I actually made him meaner this time. ;D
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Tyke's Script
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