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 New RP maybe?

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PostSubject: Re: New RP maybe?   Sun Jul 03, 2011 3:57 am

Once Lee and Cameron were on their way, Marcellus feared that Ali would take the opportunity to take off. Luckily for him though he seemed to have his interest for the moment as he simply stayed and talked. The thought of Pierrot being a cruel man had never really crossed Marcellus' mind since he had joined the circus so Ali's comment on the ringmaster made him wonder a bit about his relationship with Ali. He knew that Ali didn't like him but his reasons so far hadn't been looked into by the human pin cushion. But it still made him feel a bit good to think he was an exception for the daredevil. So he was happy to tag along as he was invited to come with him to pick out something to drink. "Heh, thanks. I guess I should be glad that there's anything to drink at all here if everyone's so opposed to it. Seems like a funny thing to worry about in a place like this though," he commented with a small shrug, not sure of why it would matter if Ali wanted to get drunk. He had been somewhat of an alcoholic himself before he got to the circus and the only reason he wasn't still drinking was because he was having such a good time already. "Are they really judgmental or something here? It didn't seem like it to me so far but I haven't known them long enough to know for sure," he asked him curiously, hoping that the group was really as open as he had so far assumed from the performers he had made friends with.
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PostSubject: Re: New RP maybe?   Mon Jul 04, 2011 11:14 pm

((Sorry it took me forever to reply. I got really busy this weekend. I'm tired.))

Len grinned at Cameron, but made no other response before turning towards the dumpster. He started heading towards it bag in hand. Though Lyn had said that she wasn't going to help drag it over there, she ended up leaving Cameron's presence and following Len. Whenever she passed a piece of trash she went ahead and picked it up even though the plan had been officially canceled. When they finally reached it, they dumped both the bag and the extra stuff that Lyn had picked up along the way. That done, they sighed and looked at each other.
"What now?" Len asked.
"I don't know. You were the one who bailed on the plan, you figure it out," Lyn replied haughtily.
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PostSubject: Re: New RP maybe?   Tue Jul 05, 2011 12:26 am

Cameron sighed in relief and nodded at a job well done. Stopping the twin's plans could be hard at times but at least it got one more day of their ring master not chewing everyone's head off. Cameron looked over at Ali and Marcellus conversing which earned a small smile and another nod. So far everything was going well,in his perspective anyway. "Well Miss Lee,where does that leave us for activities n' stuff? Cause we're pretty much done with trash duties."
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PostSubject: Re: New RP maybe?   Fri Jul 15, 2011 12:35 am

Ali didn’t know what he was feeling…
it wasn’t anything real because his body didn’t feel things… that were real… he
only felt.. that tug on his heart that was always imaginary. He knew there was nothing
about it written in textbooks. He knew he feel his chest pounding a bit—because
it was always the things inside of him he could feel when he was actually able
to feel anything at all. He had started to think that’s why he clung so
desperately to Cameron… because of the
way he was able to make him feel so often and he doubted that the grinning
clown was even trying… but maybe he was being stupid by thinking the guy was
without a objective of his own… Ali wasn’t that suspicious of a guy…
unless reasons were given.. such as with Perry… but that being said, the way
that everyone had thrust Marcellus and himself together it did leave the
Daredevil feeling a bit… suspicious… “…I don’t know…” He murmured softly, “Perriot
finds my drinking funny… I like to think they don’t want to see him laugh, but
I’m really the only one who cares about it… I suppose they just don’t agree
with drinking problems.” Ali said even softer, a bit of shame in his voice. If
only his fiancée could see how far he had fallen since she died… He knew she
wouldn’t be the least bit happy with where he was now…

His chocolate pools peeked up, seeing the kitchen tent in the distance, his
fingers curled and he took a deep breath. He wished his temples would throb..
but they couldn’t to his knowledge. “I..I really don’t know… they seem
judgmental to me… it’s not different than out there… it’s just a different kind
of judgmental… everyone…. Has an objective here.”
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PostSubject: Re: New RP maybe?   Tue Jul 19, 2011 2:23 am

"He thinks it's funny?" Marcellus asked, confused at the notion since he still thought of the ringmaster as a sort of hero to him for helping him stay alive. He frowned to himself as Ali explained his situation a bit more to him, feeling bad that the daredevil had to deal with such things. "Well, you don't have to worry about me judging you. I had a pretty bad drinking problem myself before I came here. I was really depressed and it sort of helped me forget all my problems and stuff. So I can relate to you at least a bit," Marcellus tried, not implying that he understood why Ali drank so much as he just knew what it was like to be looked down upon in a way for drinking. He looked up though as they came to the kitchen tent, glad now at the thought of finding out where he could get drinks when he felt he wanted one. "Come on, you can show me where they keep the good stuff," he said with a grin, giving him an unintentionally rough pat on the back. Luckily for him, his "friendly gestures" like that wouldn't likely be able to hurt or really upset this particular performer.
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PostSubject: Re: New RP maybe?   

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New RP maybe?
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