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 Wally Draft script

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Wally Draft script Empty
PostSubject: Wally Draft script   Wally Draft script EmptyTue Jun 07, 2011 7:45 am

Pierrot starts telling you about the acrobatics in the circus.
You look around to see a blonde twisted up like a pretzel on the ground.
Quite literally.
You are then led towards the blonde.

???: …

Pierrot: Say hello, [name]!

(1) Hello Miss.
(2) Nice to meet you.

If (1):
???: Excuse me?
I would appreciate if you were a little more polite.
I am obviously male and I prefer to be referred to as such.
It is upsetting to see that people are getting ruder by the day.
Then again, I wouldn't expect much from someone like you.

Pierrot: Now don't be rude, Wally!

If (2):
???: The feeling is most definitely not mutual.
Though, as I must not show reproachfulness towards people like you,
I guess I will say that it is indeed 'nice' to meet you.
Though I would prefer if we never met at all.

Pierrot: /sternly/ Wallace.

Both lead to:
???: It's Warrilow.
Pierrot: Whatever.

Warrilow adjusts his glasses and looks at you emotionlessly.

Pierrot: Warrilow, this is [name].
[name], this is Warrilow. He is one of our contortionists.
We call him the 'Doctor'.

Warrilow: Since the frivolous introductions are over, will you leave?
Pierrot: We have a guest. Can't you be a little bit more courteous? You're almost as bad as Karolin.
Warrilow: /grumbles/ My apologies, [name]. I did not mean to come off as impolite.
People like you just irk me.
Especially if you disrupt my practices.

(1) Yeah, you better apologise.
(2) Oh, I'm sorry for disturbing you.

If (1):
Warrilow: What an ill-mannered response.
I attempted to act as politely as I could,
Sadly, people like you make it almost impossible to converse with.

Warrilow puts up his hand as if to say 'talk to the hand'.

If (2):
Warrilow: It could not be helped.
I know it is in your nature to behave as such, though I will not hold it against you.
Controlling your actions and behaviour is something that people like you are not particularly good at.

Both lead to:
Pierrot: You're going to scare away our guest, Wallace.
Warrilow: Whatever.
He's a stranger, anyway.
Strangers don't last long here.
Strangers never last long here.
I hope you enjoyed your life.

Pierrot: /laughs nervously/ Hah!
What a good joke, Wally!
Come on, [name], I think we should move on.


Alright Cool You can tell me what's wrong and I'll change it up yeapp Cool Man guys I'm so bad at portraying Perry ;A; Wally stop being a jerk.
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Wally Draft script
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